Ergodos Musicians: I Call To You (Review)

Meeting at Lehman Brothers on the verge of bankruptcy, London, 2008 (Photo: Kevin Coombs) In 2008, the structure of the world’s financial institutions were in free fall. With banks scrambling to pick up the pieces from unsavory dealings – ultimately leading to an erosion of trust for authority as a whole – it left many […]


Musical Thoughts On A Train

Everyone listens to music everywhere, all the time — myself included. It used to be a complaint growing up, from parents, grandparents and others who weren’t yet adjusted to the iPod generation of the early to mid 2000′s. These modern times have evolved quickly and suddenly everyone and their mother is plugged into some sort […]

EMF 2013

Ecstatic Music Festival 2013: Bang on a Can All-Stars

The Bang on a Can All-Stars presented the seventh concert of the quickly growing Ecstatic Music Festival, billed as the “nexus of New York City’s indie classical scene,” on Thursday, March 14, 2013. In an unusual twist, the foyer of Merkin Concert Hall in the Kaufman Center was scattered with signs urging the concert-goers to use their […]

Happy Jawbone Family Band

How Did I Miss The Happy Jawbone Family Band?

Well then, here’s a band that I totally missed last year. Despite putting out two records in 2012, Happy Jawbone Family Band completely fell under my radar. Hailing from Vermont, this crew of garage rockers have a very blues influenced edge. Sloppy riffs and really crunchy, lo-fi timbres spread throughout their newest album Tastes The Broom. Nice […]